Majority Governments  passing appalling Legislation


Omnibus bills passed by a majority government that limits the time for debate are a clear abuse of the democratic process.  The Example of Bill C-38 passed in the summer of 2012 by the Conservative government demonstrates how majority governments can pass a egregious, even undemocratic, legislation

This Omnibus budget bill referred to above affects some 70 federal laws in a single bill.  Many of these included bills had nothing to do with budgetary concerns.  Instead   Bill C-38 completely rewrites   the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, withdraws Canada from the Kyoto protocol obligations regarding reporting, amends the Seeds Act and plant breeders rights, alters employment insurance provisions, opens up portions of the Arctic waters for bidding on testing and drilling prospects, reduces obligation to consult with first Nations as well as additional “tweakings” of various laws and regulations.

The majority Conservative government with only 39% of the popular vote was able to pass this legislation   with out separating the various provisions to enable serious and considered debate. To make matters worse, the government limited the time allowed to  debate the issues contained in 450 pages of legislative detail.



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