The candidates that we elect to our parliament represent all citizens and residents of our country. We elect and pay our Parliamentarians to represent us and act as our agents in a contractual and administrative sense. By analogy, when we hire a lawyer to represent us in negotiations with other parties, we expect that our lawyer will represent our best interests and KEEP US INFORMED. We would not find it acceptable for our lawyer to tell us that he or she would not inform us of the nature of the discussions, the terms that are being traded or the compromises being offered. We would also want to see the final draft of the agreement. We would expect all of that before signing the contract. Similarly, I suggest that we, the people, who have elected and hired representatives can rightly expect the same level of accountability and transparency as we would receive from our lawyers. Any exceptions, would have to be clearly delineated and accepted by the parliament with a 60% majority before commencing negotiations “in camera”, both nationally and internationally.

Are these goals reasonable in our modern world?

Are they achievable?


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