If we, the 99%, can cooperate during the coming election campaign to elect candidates who will commit to  achieving electoral reform, then we can regain the democratic underpinning of our political system.

The question is, “how do we implement a process that will allow us to change our electoral system?”

The first approach might be to filter the candidates by their willingness to commit to the tenants of electoral change. During the campaign, or even before the campaign, we, the 99%, ask each of the candidates the following two questions:

            1.  Would you commit yourself to supporting this, or a similar approach to electoral reform?

            2.  If you are elected, would you commit yourself to voting in favour of this approach to electoral form, irrespective of what position your party formally adopts.

If more than 50% of the elected candidates have made this commitment and, in fact, honor their commitment in the House of Commons (or the provincial legislative assemblies), then we can proceed with implementing the changes.

A second strategy is to have all the parties run their candidates as usual in the next election campaign.  Just before the last week of the campaign, the parties will do a straw poll to see what support they have in the community.  Each of the parties in each riding will be able to compare the support between or among the various parties who support electoral reform.  Those that poll smaller numbers, will be asked to withdraw from the campaign and request  that their supporters support the highest-polling candidate who has made the commitment to support electoral reform in the House of Commons (or legislative assemblies).

With a commitment to support the highest-polling candidate in each riding by enough candidates who believe that electoral reform is necessary to preserve and maintain our democracy, we would only have to cooperate in the election campaign this one time.   

A further approach, in the case that two or more political parties support electoral reform, then a joint, multi-party nominating committee can choose a candidate for this one session of parliament (or legislative assemblies) with the avowed intention of passing legislation to reform our electoral system.

There may be suggestions for additional strategies for facilitating the reform of our system. If you have some suggestions, please describe them in the comment box below.

We, the 99%, can make changes and we can, once again, be proud of our engagement in the electoral and political system in our homeland.

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